The narrow-gauge TERTITTEN railway :

The "Tertitten" railway was in use between 1896 and 1960. It stretched 56 kilometers through farmlands and forests in South-Eastern Norway, on very-narrow-gauge tracks: 75 centimeters (29½").

Today, 4 kilometers of the track has been preserved as a museum railroad - other parts became roads or paths, and some was ploughed under or is now overgrown ...

The museum railway lies in Sørumsand - 35 minutes' drive outside Oslo, and a station on the Oslo - Stockholm railway. It has got old-time station areas and well-kept locomotives and wagons - some of them more than 100 years old. Trains are being set up on Sundays during the summer season and in December, with steam locomotives and small wooden wagons like a century ago.

At the end station 1912

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