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Northern Lights
over Mount Halde (3D)

Where the Trains used to go ("Imax format")

 A Year along the  Abandoned Road (70mm)

Aurora Borealis

 Filming av nordlys

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Northern Lights Northern Lights Northern Lights Northern Lights


Since 1985, Camera Magica has been one of the world's leading suppliers of Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis film footage, and has also made or contributed to several films about this phenomenon. Up till 2001 footage was shot on 35mm and 65mm film, while now we mainly work with high quality digital formats. Together with Grapefilm in Troms, we are now building up a good amount of Northern Lights film in Cinema quality (4K and 2K) plus HD video. Some of the Northern Lights footage is filmed in Stereoscopic 3D!